Youth Aflame Conference Skits

Check out the skits we did for our church conference!!!

Finding Jerry: Episode Two

Where did Jacob go? Have we lost him while searching for Jerry? Watch Episode Two now!

You Mad Bro?

Jacob gets angry... Really angry.


If he wants to live under a rug, he can live under a rug. He's Jerry

A Day of Life with Jesus

Spend a day with Jacob and Jesus.


Jacob invents a new language.


  • Youth Aflame Conference 2017 Videos

    Samson’s Hair Oil

    Samson sells out! Watch the commercial for his new hair oil!
    What if Bible Characters Had Modern Technology?

    The description is in the name… enjoy
    Small Group with Females From the Bible

    Females from the Bible talk about what God has done […]

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  • Movie Theater Scare- We Almost Get Shot?

    We explain how we thought we were going to die in a movie theater… Fear is a scary thing Amazon Prime FREE trial:… TTM Store: Subscribe on YouTube: Like us on Facebook Twitter Instagram
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  • Act Natural.

    Sebastian and Caleb prep to talk to some girls. What exactly does “act natural” mean??   Go check out our Shop for T-Shirts and other merch!
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  • Finding Jerry: Episode Two

    What’s under the rug? We continue searching for Jerry.
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  • Finding Jerry: Episode One

    The wait is over. Jerry is missing and we go to find him. Will we find him in this episode? Will it be in another episode? Will it ever happen? Find out by watching the episode! Why are you still […]

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